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Black British Ballet
Illustration of black female ballet dancer.


Celebrating the black pioneers in British ballet and sharing their stories with a new generation.

Illustration of a black male ballet dancer on pointe.


The Black British Ballet project by Oxygen Arts aims to fundamentally change the way that ballet is seen and operates in Britain. We are creating a range of products and activities to share the hidden history of black dancers in British ballet, bringing ballet to new and diverse audiences and driving change in the industry.


Onisere and the Ballet Queen

Onisere wants to be a ballet dancer but there’s just one problem: she’s black and she’s never seen any other ballet dancers who look like her. Enter, the ballet queen, Simbira, who takes Onisere, and her annoying, football mad little brother Tayo, on a fantastical journey through the history of black British ballet.

Cover image of young female dancer for Onisere and the Ballet Queen book.

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