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Black British Ballet

Noel Wallace

Ethnic heritage: Black British (Jamaican parents, British foster parent)

Year of birth: 1972

Training: Arts Education School

Ballet career: Noel Wallace trained at Arts Education School where Ben Love was also studying at the time. Once graduating from the school, he continued his training at the Houston Ballet Academy. He went on to work with the Wayne Sleep and Company and then audition for the London Festival Ballet (now known as English National Ballet) where he became the first black British male dancer in the company in 1985. In 1988, Noel left the company to join the BĂ©jart Ballet in Switzerland.

Creative career: Wallace has worked with many choreographers and on many dance projects with Christopher Bruce and Brian Eno among others. As a dancer and choreographer, filmmaker and writer, he has made a range of experimental and collaborative works. Wallace was shortlisted by the national Endowment of Science Technology and the Arts Dreams, for his research on nutrition.