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Black British Ballet

Randall Scott

Ethnic heritage: Black British (Barbadian parents)

Training: London Studio Centre, Rambert School of Ballet & Contemporary Dance

Ballet career: Randall Scott trained as a dancer at London Studio Centre from 1979-1981. He continued his ballet training at the Rambert School of Ballet from 1981- 1984. Randall worked with Compagnia Balletto Classico in Italy and the Royal Ballet in London.

Creative career: Scott danced with several companies including Stadtheater Aachen in Germany, Djazzex Netherland, English National Opera, Dutch National Opera and in the musical At the Cotton Club. He worked with choreographers Ulysees Dove, David Bentley, Arthur Mitchell, Krzysztof Pastor, Glenn van der Hoff and Neel Verdoorn.

Scott is the Artistic Director and Founder of the Randall Scott Dance Company in 1997 in the Netherlands. He has a master’s degree in Choreography from Fontys University of Applied Science, Tilburg, Netherlands.

Scott started his choreographic career at Korzo theater in Den Haag in the Netherlands. His first work was chosen as 'one of the best works of that year' at the Theater Rotterdam. He has taught at several companies and schools in Amsterdam, Groningen, Tilburg, Emmen, Haastrecht, Malaga, Siberië, Spain, Belgium, and Portugal. He is also a dance and theatre photographer.

Embrace your uniqueness, defy stereotypes, and let your dance be the powerful statement that breaks barriers and inspires generations to come.
- Randall Scott