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Black British Ballet
Dancers Ben Lowe, Brenda Garratt-Glassman and Shevelle Dynott.

Support our film The Colour Barre!

'Dancers are the athletes of God’

Albert Einstein

Ballet is seen as the pinnacle of the dance world, but what happens when your entry to this world is blocked because of the colour of your skin?

Help us to celebrate the stories of our black British ballet pioneers, from those denied work in the UK to those who finally smashed the UK's colour bar by supporting our new crowdfunding campaign.

The film features dance legends Carol Straker, Darren Panton, Julie Felix, Carlos Acosta, and more!

This is their chance to tell their stories, shining a light on their triumphs and their struggles that reach far beyond the world of ballet. These are our black British heroes, the pioneers who, in the face of racism and rejection, fought to keep their dreams alive.

Why we need your help

We’ve been working over the past two years to capture interviews with dancers, who have generously donated their time. We now need your help to bring their stories to a wider audience.

Your support will allow us to remaster the film so that it can be broadcast in cinemas and on television, and help us promote the film to distributors and audiences around the world.

We have some lovely perks on offer, from free access to our events to producer credits on the final film. Please be as generous as you can to help us ensure that these dance pioneers finally get the recognition they deserve!